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“So Raven, have anyone special for Valentine’s day? ” Elsword asked as they walked the market with the other guys. Add was looking for things to try and win Eve or just Nasod things period. Ciel was looking for Lu, and Elsword was looking for Aisha.  Chung was just looking at things. Raven side glanced at the young man and blushed. He didn’t want to admit to anyone that he was looking for the young prince or that he had feelings for him.
“Not really. I just came along to come along. ” he stated blandly.
“Wait? You sure you’re not here for Rena” Elsword poked Raven’s arm.
“Yes” he lied. Elsword shrugged and walked off to go see if he could find anything he though Aisha would like.
He knew the holiday was only a day away and he had to think of something and fast. He also had to think of a way to get Chung alone and away from the group. ‘Everyone thinks I like Rena. But that’s all a lie’ he sighed as he walked around and looked at things. He and Rena had come to an understanding during their journey that Raven had apparently fallen for the young prince. At first Rena was confused but after a bit she came to find Raven’s crush cute. She agreed to help the man win the heart of the young prince.

The day arrived Rena had promised Raven that she was going to set him up on a date with Chung. Raven sat in his room pondering how he’d tell Chung or what he’d even do. He stood up and clenched his Nasod hand and ran the idea thru his head muttering under his breath. He looked at his door as he heard a knock. Rena was at the door smiling
“Hi Raven. Mind if I come in?” she asked
“Rena, uh, yeah sure come in” he watched as she walked in to his room as he closed the door
“What brings you by tonight?” he asked hoping for news
“Well I came by to tell you that you have a date tonight, and you’re going to meet him here.” She gave Raven a piece of paper. “Better get dressed and ready to meet him. I think he’ll be there any minute.” She smiled again and left Raven alone in his room.

Chung had been visited by Rena after their day in the market he had asked Rena to help him set up a date with a special person. He was always so nervous about talking to anyone about it. He trusted Rena due to her age and the fact she was like a mother to everyone. She even help Elsword and Aisha get together. Chung had told her about his little crush on Raven. She at first covered her mouth in shock and giggled and told him it was so cute.

Raven found himself wondering after Rena left if she had really set him up on a date with Chung. His thoughts were interrupted but a quiet knocking on his door. When he opened the door he saw a casually dressed Chung standing there.
“Hey Raven” he smiled “I was wondering if you wanted to join me for a walk while everyone was out today.”
“S-Sure” Raven replied “Just let me actually get changed into something other than these” he pointed to his clothes. He hadn’t changed out of his pajamas, he had just listened to the day’s events unfold from his room. Eve had gotten Elesis to drag Add off for the day. He heard every word of Eve and Elesis talking about Add. Elesis seemed to be nervous about her crush on him till both girls found him breaking into Eve’s room. Somewhere in the mess Elesis had managed to scream out that she found the man attractive and wanted to go out with him. Eve said something about giving him something after a few minutes of silence he agreed to take the Grand Master on a date.
“Alright I’ll be waiting for you in the lobby.” Chung concluded as he walked towards the lobby. After a few minutes of waiting Raven had quickly changed and saw Chung  waiting for him.
“Shall we go,” Chung smiled. Raven blush a little he always loved the prince’s smile it was so innocent and sweet.
“Yeah, lets get going.” He replied.

Raven stopped as they got to a small garden in the park.  This was where he was to meet someone. It clicked in his mind that Rena had planned for the two to arrive in this park together.
“Huh?” Chung looked back confused. “Everything ok?” he asked walking back to the veteran commander.  
Raven grabbed the trooper and held him close as he whispered “I-I love you Chung.” He let go of Chung as he noticed his face was beet red.
“Raven” Chung stuttered and looked around as if the words were posted somewhere. He looked surprised then nervouse and repeated the action as he mustered the courage. “I . . . feel the same . . .  about you, Raven. I love you.” Raven blushed as he didn’t expect the young man to return his feelings. Raven reached out and brought the young man to him and leaned in. He hesitated for only a second as he was centimeters away from the trooper’s lips. He gave a gentle and loving kiss full of passion as he brought the young man closer to him. After breaking the kiss he touched foreheads with his boyfriend and stared lovingly into his eyes a smirk gracing his lips.

“Awwwwww”  a voice squealed Raven and Chung looked over at the bushes.  Ciel stood up a few leaves and twigs sticking out of his hair, he was holding Lu who was acting overly excited.

               “I’m so sorry” Ciel stoically walked off holding the gushing Lu as she squeed and squirmed about how cute the two were together. Raven and Chung stared at the bushes as Rena also emerged blushing and smiling.

               “I’m just so happy for you two. I’m sorry about spying on you guys it was all Lu’s idea. But I’m so glad I could see you two get together.” She apologized as she walked away leaving the two alone.  
A Simple Crush
I wrote this for my boyfriend. He mains Raven as the Veteran Commander Class and I main Tactical Trooper Chung. I wanted to make it fluffy and cute. I originally was going to put this into a contest for NA Elsword's Valentine's day fan fic contest (at least I thought they were having one) but was too lazy to really finish it and missed the dead line. I finally finished it so here it is. I thought I'd try to make it a little funny with having Lu want to follow the two on their little "date" and dragging Rena along for the ride at the end there.

Chapter 1: Meeting

“Damn it. What the hell was that thing? We at least made it thru ok.” the woman held her side as she stumbled forward she fell to her knees leaning against the dirt caked wall. Her helmet retracted into her suit. Brown hair cascaded down to her shoulders in a mass that was once held back in a low pony tail. She looked over at her white armored companion who knelt down and started tending her wound.
“Lady Sonomi.” he sighed “you should really be back at base. That infected beast could’ve killed us both. You shouldn’t be so reckless” He finished. This was followed by a laugh from Sonomi as she looked at her companion
“Weiss you should’ve realized by now I hate staying in one spot, not when I can help people still.” She stood up as Weiss finished bandaging her side.  Her helmet covered her face once more as the two proceeded down the tunnel to the little suburb on the other end.

The two hacked a bloody trail thru infected people as they came out of their homes. They were slow but packed a punch and nearly had numbers to overwhelm. After a few minutes of cutting their way thru, Sonomi cut the last one’s head off. Her ether sword caked in the dark blood of the creatures. She caught a glimpse of Weiss as he ran after a dark figure.
“Weiss! Wait,” she yelled chasing after him. The two followed the figure into a small rundown house it looked as if it stood that way for years. She looked at the black webbing that covered parts of the halls. She noticed Weiss standing in front of a small curled up figure. She walked forward and noticed it was a young girl who couldn’t have been more than fourteen or fifteen.
“Weiss!  No!” She stopped Weiss as he raised his sword to kill the girl.
“Why?!” he motioned at the girl “She’s infected like the rest of them” he looked angry at the order.
“She has a different infection look at her neck and left hand” Sonomi pointed to the black that covered her arm and part of her neck. “It appears to be a lot slower too.” She approached the girl. She tried to push herself more into the corner as she noticed another figure coming forward. Her steel blue eyes wide with terror.
“G-Go away” she sobbed as she covered herself with her arms. Sonomi smiled kindly reaching out to the girl.
“I’m not here to hurt you neither is he.” She looked at Weiss as he sheathed his sword. The girl lowered her arms a little.
“You’re those tenno beings. Who kill all the infected. Your kind killed my family. So why not kill me. You’re just monsters” she screamed. Sonomi’s helmet retracted again
“No we’re not. I’m here to rescue you. I’m here to give you a new life.” She reassured the girl who looked surprised to see a human under the armor.
“You look . . . human. . . I thought you would looked different. Though . . . w-why would you only rescue me,” she questioned.
“You’re special. Your infection hasn’t made you into one of those creatures and I’ll make sure that never happens to you,” She stood up and offered a hand to the girl “So why not come with me?” The girl cautiously reached out her hand as she grabbed Sonomi’s. She helped the girl to her feet and made one last look around the abandoned neighborhood.
“Lets go back to HQ,Weiss. We have done all we can.” The two helped the girl to the extraction point.
Forgetful Light
 I decided to do an orgin set of stories for Alfimi and how she became a tenno and to give a little insight to Sonomi and what makes her so special to Alfimi.


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I'm feeling super magical cause one of my stories has confused my friend cause my character hasn't fully developed yet and i'm still keeping secrets. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA cause i think if your going to have a character you must keep a few secrets to revel later on. I AM SUPER MAGICAL !!!!! LOL !!!!

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